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2012 was a sensational year for movies. People turned out in record numbers to see such brilliant blockbusters as The Hunger Games, The Avengers, and Skyfall. Incredible performances were immortalized in award season favorites from the epic historical drama Lincoln to the tender Sundance breakout Beasts of the Southern Wild. Plus, we saw the emergence of exciting new directors like The Cabin in the Woods' Drew Goddard and Sleepwalk With Me's Mike Birbiglia.

There was plenty to cheer in 2012, but Next Movie reminds us there was also plenty to jeer. Remember the return of Jason Biggs for American Reunion? Or how about the double dose of Tyler Perry between Madea's Witness Protection and the dud thriller Alex Cross? And let's not forget that for all the greatness Tom Hardy brought to the big screen this year between Lawless and The Dark Knight Rises, he also participated in the abysmal McG action rom-com This Means War. What else is there to say about these misses? The vid below lets them speak for themselves with succinct and brutal reviews:

Notably, six of the ten stars that Forbes deemed unworthy of their massive pay checks make an appearance in this mash up. 2012 was rough for Ben Stiller (The Watch), Adam Sandler (That's My Boy), Nicolas Cage (Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance), Reese Witherspoon (This Means War), Katherine Heigl (One for the Money) and Eddie Murphy (A Thousand Words, all of whom headlined domestic bombs.

But let's take a page from Cage's Johnny Blaze. Let's acknowledge these were bad movies. Let's say, "So, that happened." And then, let's look ahead to the coming year and do less awful next time! After all, it's New Year's Day, the perfect time for resolutions.

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