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It has been hinted at the past that director James Wan could potentially take on one of the many in-development superhero projects in the works over at Warner Bros., and this weekend has provided interesting evidence to suggest that the job would suit him just fine. After all, his latest film, Furious 7, just shattered April box office records, and was met with critical acclaim. But would the filmmaker actually be up for, say, reuniting with star Dwayne Johnson for the 2019 Shazam film? According to Wan himself, it's an offer that he would definitely consider.

Currently doing the big press tour for Furious 7, James Wan recently spoke with and gave an interesting answer regarding a possible future where he signs on to direct the first ever live action Shazam movie. At first he was a bit reticent talking about the idea of working with DC and Warner Bros. one one of their superhero films, but he then expressed extreme enthusiasm about the idea of working with Dwayne Johnson again. Said the director,
Well, put it this way: I freakin' love Dwayne. He's an awesome guy and I would love to work with him again in a heartbeat. I know Dwayne wants to find something for me and him to do again in the future.

Talk of James Wan directing a DC Comics movie first popped up in October 2014, when it was announced that the filmmaker had signed a producing deal with Warner Bros. and had agreed to return to make The Conjuring 2. At that time, New Line President/COO Toby Emmerich compared Wan to director Frank Darabont, in that he could emerge from the horror genre and go on to "make an important movie for New Line and Warner Bros or DC." This quote about Shazam is really the first update we've heard since, presumably because Wan has been busy making sure that Furious 7 was on time for its scheduled release date.

Given the fact that Shazam isn't on the Warner Bros./DC Comics docket until 2019, even if Wan were to sign on tomorrow he would still likely be able to make many more films between now and that project's start of production. As it stands, The Conjuring 2 is the only feature he has lined up to direct, but but he's also a producer on the upcoming Insidious: Chapter 3. Given the speed with which he's been known to work, the guy could honestly make two or three movies before he would have to enter serious pre-production on Shazam - assuming that it plans to start being made in 2018.

Do you think James Wan could potentially be a good fit to work on Shazam and once again work with Dwayne Johnson (who is attached to play Black Adam)? Hit the comments with your thoughts.

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