It has taken a little while for the Daredevil reboot to get going. First announced over a year ago, the project hired director David Slade to helm and then, a few months later, brought Fringe writer Brad Caleb Kane on-board to write the script. Apparently what has held the project in development is the script, and we know that now because 20th Century Fox has just brought on a writer to replace Kane.

Deadline says that nearly five months after Kane was hired, the studio has now gotten David James Kelly to do a rewrite of Daredevil. The movie will actually be the first writing credit for Kelly, whose only previous work in the film industry includes being a post-production assistant on the 2008 indie dramedy Sunshine Cleaning. There have been reports that the new story will follow the "Born Again" arc created by Frank Miller/David Mazzucchelli in which the Kingpin discovers that Daredevil is actually lawyer Matt Murdoch and uses the information to destroy the attorney's life.

Fox has been trying to reboot the movie for years, attempting to rebound from the critically-hurt adaptation of the character that came out in 2003 from director Mark Steven Johnson. The original starred Ben Affleck as the titular superhero and Michael Clarke Duncan as the Kingpin, but it's very unlikely that either will return to reprise their roles in the next film. In addition to the Daredevil movie, Fox has also recently tried to get the Fantastic Four franchise off the ground again, hiring Chronicle director Josh Trank to make a reboot.

So here's the big question for all of you: who do you think should play Daredevil this time around?

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