Last year, Timo Vuorensola went from heavy metal musician to film director by helming the crowdsourced adventure epic Iron Sky. You know, the movie about Nazis hidden on the dark side of the moon returning to Earth with a vengeance? Though the willfully wild movie was widely panned by critics, Vuorensola's landed a second chance, having been hired to helm an adaptation of Keith Giffen and Alan Grant's action-packed space-set comic Jeremiah Harm.

The graphic novel published by BOOM! Studios centers on Harm, a self-proclaimed "friendly neighborhood intergalactic bounty hunter" with a bad attitude and a brutal sense of justice. The story begins when three of the galaxy's most feared criminals escape from prison and hightail it to Earth to seek out a sphere that could be made into the most powerful weapon the universe has ever seen. It's up to Harm to bring them in, and essentially save the world.

Deadline reports the film's producers, which include Vuorensola’s Blind Spot partner Tero Kaukomaa, Cheyenne Enterprises’ Arnold Rifkin, BOOM!’s Ross Richie, and The Corniche Group, have picked screenwriter Dalan Musson to pen the adapted screenplay. Though Musson hasn't had any of his scripts produced just yet, he notably wrote the vampire versus humans flick Blood Wars for Warner Brothers. We may not have a good sense of what Musson's style's like, but Blind Spot is already offering a look at what they have in mind for the film's tone and style via a 4 minute promo directed by Vuorensola. Check it out below:

Maybe it's the growling voiceover of the promo, or the fat cigar perched on his lips, but I can't help but think Ron Pearlman would be an inspired pick to play the title character. But admittedly, I haven't read the comic. If you have, sound off in comments about who you'd like to see star in Jeremiah Harm.

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