Will X-Force Feature A Female Wolverine? Bryan Singer Just Said This

Following X-Men: Apocalypse, there are a number of spinoffs in the works to continue the X-Men movie franchise, and one that’s been getting a lot of chatter lately is X-Force. Although it was first announced in 2013, the X-Force movie has lingered in development hell since then, and it’s only thanks to Deadpool’s success that discussions have renewed about finally bringing the team to the big screen. While nothing is cemented yet, according to longtime X-Men director Bryan Singer, there’s a possibility that X-Force could feature Wolverine’s clone, X-23.

Although he’s currently only involved at the “idea level,” Singer informed Fandango that he had talks with 20th Century Fox about an X-Force movie, and X-23 was brought up as one of the team members. He said:

I have discussed that with the studio. I actually initially pitched the X-Force and the female [Wolverine]. … Simon [Kinberg] is in the earliest script stage, so that’s kind of where that stands, and we’ll see how it evolves.

This isn’t the first time that X-23 has been mentioned as possibly being introduced to the X-Men movies. Last month, it was reported that she’ll appear next year in Wolverine 3. This hasn’t been confirmed yet, but whether she’s featured there first or in X-Force, it sounds like there are definitely discussions about her being included in this cinematic universe. Whether she’ll actually be adapted for live action remains to be seen, but with Hugh Jackman retiring as Wolverine following eight movies over 17 years, the franchise might benefit from a new clawed mutant filling his position.

X-23, a.k.a. Laura Kinney, was initially introduced in the X-Men: Evolution animated series, and debuted in the comics several years later. While she only has two adamantium-coated claws on each hand rather than three, she also has a retractable claw on each foot. She also has the same healing factor as her “father.” X-23 has on various mutant superhero teams over the years, but she was drafted into the X-Force during the "Messiah Complex" event and fought alongside her teammates in many missions before being dismissed during "Second Coming." 

At one time, the X-Force movie lineup would have consisted of Cable, Domino, Warpath, Cannonball and a mysterious hooded woman, but because the movie’s been halted for so long, the heroes may now be subject to change. Given X-23’s history with the mutant black ops team in the comics, she would certainly be a welcome addition to X-Force, especially if it follows after Wolverine 3’s story. If the movie ends up being rated R, this would also allow her to cut loose with those claws, just like her “dad” is expected to do in his third solo movie.

We’ll keep you updated on any news regarding X-Force’s development, but for now, click here to see all of the other upcoming X-Men movies.

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