This year is an embarrassment of riches for Marvel movies, be they from the official studio or from others. Captain America: The Winter Soldier is currently in theaters, in a couple weeks time The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will attempt to wow audiences with its web of intrigue at the beginning of May, and August promises us Guardians of the Galaxy. But probably the most anticipated film of the bunch (beside Cap, naturally) is X-Men: Days of Future Past. The comic film news website Comic Book Movie revealed nine new posters for Summer blockbuster, and the results are a lot like this...


These new banners aren't to be confused with the posters we previously featured on the site yesterday. Instead, these look like they're the prototype posters that helped whoever was in charge select the design they thought sold the film the best. If a poster is supposed to properly reflect the tone of the film it's advertising, then this series of posters is disconcerting.

There's no consistency with the look of these one sheets. One poster features a past character bathed in orange and a future character bathed in blue, only to flip the color scheme completely in the next poster in the line. Plus, they're still linking unrelated characters past and future in random pairings. Unless past Beast and future Storm are going to be allies and/or lovers. Judging by the latest trailer to the film, as well as the rumors that have been swirling about, that idea doesn't seem likely.


Still, there are some awesome choices in this set. Choices we kind of wish could have been made more prominent, like this great Wolverine-centric one sheet.


The title isn't overbearing, the art style mixes the colors in a brilliant fashion, and the crumbling image of Hugh Jackman artistically hints that things are about to get destructive. Yet for every awesome poster of Wolverine in this set, we have an equally horrible poster of Wolverine to match it.


If the title weren't in the background, this would actually make a great teaser poster. Even worse, the title is repeated twice in different fonts. This is visually confusing, and looks like one poster was made out of two ideas. Either they should have made the two different versions of the poster, or they should have brought the title front and center with a blend of shiny and broken.

It's a shame that such a high profile movie has such a high profile history with horrible graphic designs. First there were faces Photoshopped onto crotches of silhouettes, and now this. At least we have a couple really good trailers to remind us that this movie isn't about a war between mutants and disastrously rendered promotional materials. X-Men: Days of Future Past begins to screw with the time-line on May 23rd.

Check out the rest of the new X-Men: Days Of Future Past posters in the gallery below... [ IMAGES REMOVED BY FOX LEGAL ]

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