X-Men's Jennifer Lawrence Says Mystique's Makeup Process Involves Sitting On A Bicycle Seat

Go ahead and close your eyes for a moment -- wait, read this first -- and imagine Jennifer Lawrence perched atop a bicycle seat, covered in blue. This is the mental picture Lawrence paints for us during her interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. The clip below begins with a funny story about the time Jimmy Fallon and Jennifer Lawrence -- after a few too many Jell-O shots -- conspired to get Jennifer Lopez to dance with them. If you want to skip to the X-Men Days Of Future Past portion of the interview, jump to 3:55 and hear Lawrence's comments about Jimmy's porn confusion and Mystique's make-up regimen, which doesn't sound quite as bad as it used to be...

After Jimmy Fallon and Jennifer Lawrence giggled over Fallon's jokes about the racy cover of that magazine, Fallon brought up the lengthy amount of time Lawrence must have to sit to have her make-up done for her role as the shapeshifting and agile mutant, who's also blue from head to toe. From what Lawrence tells Fallon, the hours it takes to get her make-up done are fewer than they used to be. "It used to take 8, which is lovely," Lawrence said. "Now it only takes three." When Fallon asked her what she had to do while the make-up was being done, Lawrence explained, "I stood or I had to sit on a bicycle seat. Which every woman knows is our dream come true."

Three hours of sitting and being painted blue doesn't exactly sound like fun, but it isn't really so bad by comparison to Rebecca Romijn's ten-hour make-up process for the role. But did Romijn's process involve a bicycle seat? I guess it's all relative.

"I always have a little bit if blue somewhere," Lawrence told Fallon, when talking about taking the paint home with her at the end of the day. "Before it was kind of like everywhere. Now it's just kind of like on my hands and ears. I look like I have a bizarre fungus."

So, unsurprisingly it's not convenient or particularly glamorous to be the girl in blue in X-Men, but Lawrence certainly pulls it off well...


Jennifer Lawrence's Tonight Show interview leads into a clip of Lawrence as Mystique, showing off her ability to change her appearance and kick butt when push comes to shove, kick, throw or whatever else she needs to do to gain control of the situation.

X-Men: Days of Future Past arrives in theaters May 23. Our own Sean O'Connell gave it a very positive review, stating that it's "the best, most complete and most entertaining X-Men movie we’ve ever seen." Sounds like a must-see!

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