Well this movie looks awful. Yes Man’s first trailer makes it look kind of like The Bucket List, except with people who don’t look like they’re dying, though I certainly would like to kill a couple of them. To be fair, perhaps I was unduly influenced to hate it by all the toddlers at the beginning. Yes, I hate babies. I hate them when they’re used as a marketing gimmick. Thank god at least these particular tykes had diapers on. Nothing worse than a commercial with naked babies. Oh god, what if they’d been dancing? Dancing babies, now that’s lower than low. So I guess this trailer could have conceivably been worse. And it did have Murray from Flight of the Conchords, which made me think “hey good for him!” Unfortunately when the trailer is over you’ll probably think “hey bad for us!” Or you will if you have any sense.

Watch the first trailer for Jim Carrey’s new “comedy” Yes Man, and attempt to enjoy lame, tired, toothless Red Bull jokes, below:

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