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You Will Not Recognize Matthew Fox In the First I, Alex Cross Images

Back in the late 90s, in what you might remember as his "Ashley Judd epoch," Morgan Freeman played the detective Alex Cross twice, in Kiss the GIrls and Along Came A Spider (which didn't in fact star Judd, but for some reason includes her in my brain). In those films Cross was… well, he was Morgan Freeman, the older voice of wisdom who you trust to handle about anything. But in the upcoming I, Alex Cross, Summit was looking for someone to play Cross in his younger years, searching for the man who killed his wife. After eyeing Idris Elba briefly, Summit decided the man who could convey Cross's strength, vulnerability, and expert detective skills was… Tyler Perry.

As hard as it seems to believe, Perry is preparing to star in a film he neither wrote nor directed-- it won't even have his name in front of the title, which really is a change of pace. I, Alex Cross is set for release on October 26th, and while we haven't yet seen a trailer, The Film Stage dug up a bunch of official images from the Russian site KinoPoisk. Here are the best ones below, featuring Perry as Cross, plus Edward Burns and a truly unrecognizable Matthew Fox as the tatted-up, shaved-head fighter who killed Cross's wife.

Seriously, I have no idea what Fox did to transform himself like that-- I watched a whole lot of Lost, and i never saw that capacity for rage or terror in ol' Jack Shepard. And while Perry looks perfectly at home in his suit and detective's badge, that's less of a surprise-- he's a handsome man, after all, and if you've ever seen him in one of his movies where he's not dressed up in Madea's dress and fat suit, you can kind of see him playing a detective. Whether he can pull off the performance is another question entirely, of course, but I'm not especially attached to Alex Cross as a character, so I'm more than intrigued to see how he tackles it. How about you?

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