You all have a list of terrible movies that you unabashedly love. We all do. Films you love for unjustifiable reasons. Films that are straight up garbage, but regardless of their many and constant flaws, you adore them. They can't be called guilty pleasures because these are films you feel no guilt for being in love with, no remorse for recommending to your friends, and no shame while yelling, "Oh my god I effing LOVE that movie!" in a roomful of people.

Of these films, Troll 2 reigns supreme as the so called Best Worst Movie of all time. So loved for it's terribleness that the film's stars put together a documentary about the subculture that sprang forth from the abomination that is Troll 2 like mushrooms from shit. The film is aptly titled Best Worst Movie and could not be higher on my most anticipated list. Nothing is more encouraging than people who made a crappy movie fully embracing its crappiness and just owning it. This is perhaps the best example you'll ever see beyond Halle Berry's Razzie acceptance speech.

Below are three very similar posters for the film for you to enjoy at your own risk. Taking a sort of faux grindhouse-y approach, the artwork for these promos is great and fully worthy of at least some desktop space on your computer. We can only hope we'll see this in theaters soon or quickly available on DVD. Check out the posters below and click each to embiggen.

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