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Yes, Black Manta Will Look Like Black Manta From The Comics In Aquaman

Any comic book reader will tell you that there are some character's costumes that seem entirely unimaginable in real life -- and Black Manta is one of them. That being said, Aquaman has made it work

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What “Unite The Seven” Really Means For Aquaman

When Zack Snyder first revealed Jason Momoa as Aquaman a few years ago, the image came with a very cryptic message: "Unite The Seven."

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How Much Of The Aquaman Movie Actually Takes Place Underwater

For a hero named Aquaman, Jason Momoa's Arthur Curry didn't spend a ton of time in the water in Justice League.

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James Wan Had An Important Request Of Justice League’s Producers While Working On Aquaman

Unlike most debut solo movies, James Wan's upcoming Aquaman movie doesn't feature the big screen debut of Jason Momoa's Arthur Curry.

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Nathan Fillion Made An Uncharted Fan Film, And It’s Incredible

Last week, Nathan Fillion was teasing something regarding himself and the Uncharted video game franchise. We've now seen what it is and it's (almost) everything we've ever hoped for.

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The Raunchy Happytime Murders Joke That Went Too Far And Had To Be Cut

During a visit to the set of The Happytime Murders last year, director Brian Henson opened up about one specific joke that had to be cut from the film.

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How Tom Cruise’s Foot Injury Actually Helped Mission: Impossible Fallout

Tom Cruise is known for his desire to do his own stunts on film, but that dedication resulted in a broken ankle on the set of Mission: Impossible - Fallout.

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Bruce Willis Settles The 'Die Hard Christmas Movie' Debate Once And For All

There are some questions that may never receive a satisfactory answer. Is there alien life in the universe? What happened to Amelia Earhart? Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?

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This Rotten Week: Predicting Equalizer 2, Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again And Unfriended 2 Reviews

Following a week with Dwayne Johnson jumping off of exploding buildings and monsters on cruise ships, things calm down a bit this time around. - but there's still plenty to dive into.

The Expendables Was Originally A Direct To Video Release, According To Terry Crews

Terry Crews has revealed that the original installment in The Expendables franchise was almost a straight-to-video release.

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Hotel Transylvania Box Office: Summer Vacation Soars, Skyscraper Stumbles

While not the flashiest franchise in the world, the Hotel Transylvania series of movies have been putting up solid box office numbers since 2012, and with the release of the third movie - Genndy Tartakovsky's Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation - they have established yet another winner.

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The Rock Reveals State Of Feud With Tyrese Gibson

The Rock has opened up and addressed the state of his drama with Fast and Furious co-star Tyrese Gibson.

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James Wan Clarifies How Much Practical And Visual Effects Are Used In Aquaman

Director James Wan has taken to social media to clarify the balance of practical effects with computer-generated visual effects in Aquaman.

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How Fortnite Helps The Mission: Impossible Team Train, According To Simon Pegg

In Mission: Impossible Fallout, Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) chooses his team over his mission and makes a huge mistake, forcing Benji (Simon Pegg), Luther (Ving Rhames) and the remainder of the IMF to clean up the mess and stop a lingering threat.

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Apparently Melissa McCarthy Decided To Star In The Happytime Murders Really Quickly

During a visit to the set of The Happytime Murders last year, Melissa McCarthy opened up to CinemaBlend and other outlets to talk about how quickly she decided she wanted to star in the film.

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James Wan Just Shot Down Those Mortal Kombat Rumors

A report indicated the Mortal Kombat reboot was moving forward, and James Wan is not here for it.

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Why The Ant-Man Series Is More Important To The MCU Than You Realize

You might think it's easy to write off the Ant-Man films as inconsequential money-makers, but you'd be wrong.

New Venom Image Teases How Eddie Brock Bonds With Symbiote

As we get closer to October, we are beginning to see more of Sony's first Spider-Man spinoff.

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Why Sean Astin Was Nervous About The First Lord Of The Rings Movie

Actor Sean Astin played Samwise Gamgee in the trilogy, and recently spoke to the risk attached to Peter Jackson's original film.

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After Two More Closings, There’s One Surviving Blockbuster Left

Pour out some popcorn for the departed, folks. Two more Blockbuster Video stores close next week, leaving one lonesome store to carry on the legacy.

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This Rotten Week: Predicting Equalizer 2, Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again And Unfriended 2 Reviews
Why The Ant-Man Series Is More Important To The MCU Than You Realize
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