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How Disney’s CEO Reacted To Black Panther's Success

Black Panther is an unqualified hit. Critics love it and fans love it. It's setting box office records and inspiring people who are finally seeing themselves represented in a major studio tentpole. With success like that, you can only imagine how happy Disney's CEO is.

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Mandy Moore's Throwback Princess Diaries Photo Is Flawless, Check It Out

Mandy Moore shared a throwback photo of herself, Heather Matarazzo and the already-famous Julie Andrews on the movie's set, and they look pretty awesome.

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Will J.K. Simmons Be Back For Matt Reeves' Solo Batman Movie?

Justice League introduced J.K. Simmons as the new Commissioner Gordon of the DC movie universe, but are there plans for him to return the next time we see Batman on the big screen?

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Of Course Deadpool 2 Is Using The Unicorn To Help Sell The Movie

Deadpool 2's marketing campaign has officially kicked into high-gear, and it looks like Wade Wilson's beloved unicorn is front and center.

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What Michelle Obama Thought Of Black Panther

The praise for Marvel's Black Panther has been coming from all corners since the film debuted this weekend. While moviegoers and celebrities all seem to love the film, that overwhelming support is now also coming from a former First Lady.

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Why One Blade Runner Star Doesn't Like Blade Runner 2049

Not everyone loves Denis Villeneuve's resurrection of the Blade Runner universe, including one of the original film's stars.

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi Is Definitely Heading To DVD In March, Get The Details

Star Wars: The Last Jedi hasn't entirely left theaters yet, but if you love the movie so much that you just need to own it, you're going to have that chance soon, as the Blu-Ray and Digital releases have just been dated.

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The Amazing Black Panther Set That Led Daniel Kaluuya To Recognize The Epicness Of Black Panther

As many people discovered this past weekend, there's a lot in Ryan Coogler's Black Panther to marvel at. The world-building is stupendous, the production design is gorgeous, and the themes of the film are wonderful, deep, and ridiculously relevant.

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Is Aquaman Making A Change To Amber Heard And Dolph Lundgren's Backstory?

Amber Heard and Dolph Lindgren's characters in Aquaman may not be connected in the same way they are in the comics.

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Sadly, Christopher Nolan Won't Be Directing Bond 25

The man many fans have longed to see direct a 007 film will not be doing so for Daniel Craig's final outing as the super spy.

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One Nightwing Costume Element That Will Likely Be In The DC Movie

Nightwing is still a long ways off, but it sounds like one particular costume element will remain in the movie.

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What Marvel's Chris Pratt Thought Of Black Panther

We know Star-Lord has great taste in music, but how about the movies of his fellow MCU-ers?

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Why Black Panther Overperformed At The Box Office

Marvel's solo adventure crushed. We have a few reasons why we think Ryan Coogler's movie did so well.

What’s Going On With The Soul Stone In The MCU?

Black Panther is now screening for the masses, and after seeing it, it has us wondering about the Soul Stone yet again.

When Is The Soonest Black Panther 2 Could Happen?

We'd bet a Soul Stone that plans are underway behind the scenes for Black Panther 2. So, when might that movie hit theaters?

Black Panther Made Even More This Weekend Than We Thought

Black Panther went into its opening weekend with some pretty lofty expectations, but the numbers are in, and it looks like the film did even better than we thought.

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Why Black Panther's Agent Ross Is Different From The Comics

Martin Freeman's character takes on a bigger role in Black Panther and he doesn't quite match up to his comic book counterpart and there's a reason for that.

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One Major Mistake Black Panther Makes

Warning: There are spoilers for Black Panther all over this article, so please exit right now if you've yet to see Ryan Coogler's latest film.

What Jennifer Lawrence Is Doing With Her Year Off From Acting

The actress may be taking a break from dominating Hollywood, but that doesn't mean she's going on vacation, in fact, her next endeavor may be more challenging than any movie.

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Ocean’s 8 May Have More Ocean’s Cameos Than We Thought

It sounds like we may see more members of the original Ocean's Eleven crew in Ocean's 8 than we previously anticipated.

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