What To Expect From Spock In Star Trek Beyond, According To Zachary Quinto

Star Trek Beyond

It's only a few more weeks until Star Trek Beyond, and details about the plot have slowly but surely started to rise up to the surface. We know that the crew of the Enterprise will have been exploring space for a few years and are starting to feel antsy with cabin fever. How that will affect them and their relationships to each other is still unclear, but breaking down the crew seems to be a pretty big focus of the movie. Good thing Zachary Quinto has taken pity on our poor souls and has revealed some interesting details on what will be going on in Spock's even tempered head. It seems that the usually sure of himself Spock won't be so stoic anymore.

Zachary Quinto and his Star Trek co-star Zoe Saldana were recently on Spike's Lip Sync Battle and Entertainment Weekly was able to catch up with the two on set and ask them some Star Trek questions. Specifically, EW asked what challenges were facing their characters and if it would affect their on-screen relationship at all. Quinto revealed that Spock will be going through an "existential moment" and that he's "at a crossroads between his obligation to his Starfleet and his Vulcan roots."

His planet was destroyed and they're rebuilding, and he's trying to figure out where his energy is best directed to help other people. He comes into a new awareness of his own mortality for a number of reasons, and there's a lot of stuff that he's trying to figure out in this film. By the end, I think he realizes the best path for himself moving forward.

Zachary Quinto's referring to the 2009 Star Trek reboot wherein Spock's homeworld Vulcan was destroyed by the villain via a black hole. Leonard Nimoy's Spock has been helping with the rebuilding, but it seems like it's Quinto's Spock's turn to lend a hand. It sounds like Spock isn't sure of his place in the universe, and will be making a choice between his biological family and his Federation family. That sounds like some pretty good Star Trek conflict. Spock spends a good chunk of the movie with Karl Urban's McCoy, so maybe the good doctor can help Spock sort out all his feelings.

To give a little hint of what Spock will be going through, here is the latest trailer for Star Trek Beyond. It features much more Enterprise destruction than Spock feelings, though.

Star Trek Beyond is directing by Justin Lin from a screenplay penned by Simon Pegg and Doug Jung. The film will hit theaters this summer on July, 22.

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