Rarely do blockbuster movies get direct sequels two decades after their release, but Independence Day can count itself among the few that accomplished that. 20 years after humanity banded together to defeat malevolent aliens in the War of 1996, Independence Day: Resurgence will see another group of aliens coming to Earth to pull off the same job its predecessors were tasked with: killing everything on our planet. The sequel's cast is a mix of established characters and new faces, but they all are fighting to keep Earth safe, just like last time.

So far, Independence Day: Resurgence's trailers and viral videos have done a good job of establishing what that version of 2016 is like, from the establishment of Earth Space Defense to the improved technology at humanity's disposal. However, there are still a number of questions on our mind concerning both the original movie and the yet-to-be-seen events of the sequel. When moviegoers sit in their seats to watch Independence Day: Resurgence, ideally all of the questions on this list will be answered for them during the story.

How Is Dr. Okun Still Alive?

When Steven Hiller brought one of the aliens back to Area 51 in Independence Day, the monstrosity later attacked Dr. Brackish Okun and took over his mind. It then launched a psychic attack against President Whitmore, but was killed before it could finish the job. Okun was presumed dead afterwards, so when Brent Spiner was announced to reprise the role, needless to say, many people were surprised. Still, it begs the question of how he's still alive. That alien seemed to have a good grip on his mental faculties, so right now, we're assuming he was knocked into a coma. If that's the case, was the coma temporary or has he been like that for 20 years and only just now woke up? Dialogue from the previews and clips hints towards the latter, but nothing is certain yet. Whatever the explanation is, it seems like Okun has picked up knowledge about the aliens left over from his mind control experience, so that should come in handy with defeating them again.

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