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Star Wars: New Rumored Episode 8 Scene Sounds Like Pure Madness

Possible spoilers ahead for Star Wars: Episode VIII. Proceed at your own risk, Jawas.

Since before the release of The Force Awakens, Star Wars mania has had a major resurgence. The fandom has extended entire generations, all of which are excited for both Episode VIII and the standalone films that Disney is producing. And while we have about a year and a half until the still untitled _Episode VIII _hits theaters, fans have been wildly speculating about the adventures of our heroes. Rumors and possible script leaks have been increasingly present as the months go by, and a new rumored scene looks like a game changer for the franchise and canon as a whole.

Comicbookmovie recently reported on a scene between Luke and Rey that would change the canon of Star Wars as we know it. The rumor comes to us from an anonymous source that called himself Stormtrooper Larry, who had previously leaked set pictures of the cast. The rumored scene is a vision which recounts the long history of the Jedi order. Luke apparently learned this while in his exile, as he was living in an ancient Jedi council. The full description is as follows:

In the scene Luke tells Rey that the Jedi Council became "arrogant" and that they were hiding a "secret," which led to their demise. The old Jedi master takes Rey's hand and shows her a glimpse into the past. They see two children playing near a tree on an alien planet. The boy noticed that he had greater strength and intuition when he was closer to this tree. The girl noticed that the tree also made her brother increasingly angry. One day an argument breaks out between the children, and the boy kills the girl. The boy touches the tree and is "transformed,". He kills his parents and leaves the planet. Meanwhile the girl is revealed to be alive, transformed by the tree as well, using her power to start the first Jedi Order.The girl explains how The Force can be used for both good and evil. She tells her followers that one day she would return as either a boy or a girl, and that they should train this child. Luke tells Rey that the Jedi Order had been searching for The One (reincarnation of the original founder of the Jedi) for a millennia. When they found Anakin Skywalker and thought that he would bring balance to The Force, the Jedi were "deceived" and the Clone Wars were the result. The scene also shows Rey's parents, and Luke is not the father. Luke tells her how she was identified as strong with The Force, and how she was supposed to begin her training, but never reached her destination for an unknown reason. In the scene Luke gives Rey a choice, and she has till sunset to make it.

Like I said, this would be a game changer for Star Wars. We've never gotten to know the origin of the Jedi Order, and this sequence sounds really awesome. Additionally, it appears that our new main characters, Rey and Kylo Ren, are echoing the beginning of the Jedi. Perhaps Rey's knowledge of the origin story will somehow aid her in future battles with the Han and Leia's son.

Of course, only time will tell if this rumored scene is actually in Episode VIII. We've got quite some time to wait, so we'll just have to debate the possibility for another year or so.

The next adventure into a galaxy far, far away will be Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, which will fly into theaters December 16, 2016.

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