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Watch Finding Nemo Get Ripped Apart In New Honest Trailer

Finding Nemo is one of Pixar's most beloved films, but is it perfect? Yes, yes it is - but that won't stop the internet from making fun of it anyway. With the sequel around the corner, it's as good a time as any to take an honest look at Finding Nemo, specifically with the Honest Trailer below.

While the team at Screen Junkies is right to point out that Finding Nemo is somewhat formulaic, one has to remember that the movie was a fairly early Pixar film. It preceded all of the movies to which they compare it, so you can't really fault Finding Nemo _ for being so successful that it started a trend. If there's one thing that might be of mild concern, it's the suggestion that you might quickly get sick of Ellen Degeneres' character, Dory. That's a problem, as the new sequel, being released Friday is all about her, so if you really didn't like the character the first time around, you could have some difficulty enjoying _Finding Dory. For what it's worth, we didn't think this was too much of a problem.

For the most part, however, the focus of the Finding Nemo honest trailer is the emotional experience that the movie was for most of us. There are multiple references to the film's opening, which tore us apart years before Up left us a blubbering pile of raw nerves after all of 10 minutes. Even the announcer voice begins to lose control more than once while discussing the film. It's an emotional journey, is what we're saying. If you didn't at least get choked up watching it, you might want to see somebody about your bottled up emotions. It's not healthy.

Another thing the honesty trailer does is remind us about the effect that Finding Nemo had on people at the time that it came out. Clownfish became insanely popular pets, something that many are concerned may happen to blue tangs after Finding Dory comes out. If you've been to an aquarium recently, and I have, you likely had the experience of small children running up to fish tanks with clownfish in them, pointing and saying "Nemo." All this comes from children who were too young to see the movie when it was in theaters, which shows that not only was Finding Nemo an influential film in its day, but it has continued to be so.

Time will tell if Finding Dory is as big a hit as Finding Nemo, but early box office tracking is suggesting Dory could see the biggest opening weekend in the history of Pixar. For a studio that has some of the biggest animated films of all time under their belt, that's no small feat.

How much do you love Finding Nemo? Will you be watching it again before checking out Finding Dory this weekend? Hit the comments below!

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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