Try To Watch This Supercut of Owen Wilson Laughing In Movies And Not Giggle

We all know Owen Wilson from his comedies like Wedding Crashers and Meet the Parents, and it seems like he's a pretty chill guy. Maybe you know him best for style of humor, his golden locks, or his nose, but it turns out that the actor has another distinctive feature that you may have never noticed before: his laugh. Wilson has a pretty distinctive laugh and apparently he does it in most of his films and it sounds exactly the same each time. Check out this supercut of Owen Wilson just laughing, and I dare you not to smile.

I bet you smiled. This videos pretty great and surprisingly well paced. Just when it starts to get boring, the editor throws in a joke that helps it pick up steam again. Wilson's laugh is so light and choppy; It sounds like a fake laugh, but Wilson does it in most of his movies so there must be some truth to it. I loved the bit where Wilson does the fake laugh and says "you've got a real stupid laugh." I don't recognize every movie used in the supercut, but Shanghai Knights, You, Me and Dupree, Hall Pass, Starsky and Hutch, and Midnight in Paris are a couple of them. I'm interested to see if anyone in the comments can name every movie.

Interestingly this video comes from the Youtube account of Owenergy Studios, a channel dedicated entirely to Owen Wilson videos and spreading his positive energy and good vibes throughout the internet. There's also some Matthew McConaughey (the king of chill) sprinkled in for good measure. It's super hard to not laugh a little while watching these videos, so hopefully these cheer up anyone who's having a crummy day. Here's a part 1 of a video about Owen Wilson saying "wow." That's right. Owen Wilson says wow so many times that it necessitates TWO videos.

This video has over 3 million views. Wow! Owen Wilson must be some sort of champion of saying things the exact same way all the time. If you liked the laugh video, then you'll definitely like the wow one, and I encourage you to browse through the rest of Owenergy Studios videos. There's one about Martin Lawrence saying "damn" that will more than likely cheer you up.

Owen Wilson was most recently seen in the film Zoolander 2, where he either laughed or said wow at least once. You can also see him in his upcoming films Masterminds and Bastards.

Matt Wood

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