The New Sully Trailer Has Tom Hanks Braced For A Forced Water Landing

Headed into theaters this fall is Sully, a film that tells the story of Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger's heroic efforts to land an aircraft full of people into the Hudson River. The trailer for Sully gives us more than a glimpse into Tom Hanks' portrayal of the pilot, as well as a peek at what looks to be a very intense "forced water landing" that was to become known as the Miracle on the Hudson. Check it out...

Thanks go out to Warner Bros for releasing this trailer, on a day that already saw the first images and poster from Clint Eastwood's latest film being released. Sully focuses not only on Captain Sullenberger's successful landing of Flight 1549, but also the subsequent investigation, which would eventually conclude that Sully's brave efforts were in the clear. That knowledge doesn't rob the trailer of any dramatic tension though, as our first look at what could be a strong contender for this year's Academy Awards is tightly paced, driven by Tom Hanks' dramatic monologue and some choice dialogue from the film itself.

Speaking of Tom Hanks, his look as the titular Sully is pretty convincing, as his whitened hair and out of character mustache do a good job of bringing his look closer to that of Captain Sullenberger himself. Though his performance is only enhanced by Aaron Eckhart and Laura Linney, who play his co-pilot and wife, respectively. Their strength during his moment of crisis is what is going to drive this film, and with those three actors at the wheel, confidence is high.

In fact, while it's not the time to start placing bets on this year's Oscars, that trio looks like a pretty good prospect for three nominees in this year's acting field. Their performances don't devolve into melodramatic hand-wringing, but instead bring the more human elements of the film to the forefront. Though that assessment really isn't all that surprising, as Clint Eastwood is a director who knows both sides of the camera, and is most definitely considered an actor's director.


Should Sully live up to the potential that this first trailer has thrown down, it would be a blessing for Eastwood, as his career has been in revival mode since his success with 2014's American Sniper. This film not only keeps the Academy Awards winning director in the awards conversation, it also provides him another chance to tell the story about a man who is considered an American icon. Say what you will about Chris Kyle, but it's an undeniable fact that Captain Chesley Sullenberger is in fact a true blue hero. With his story finally coming to the screen, it only reminds us of this fact, and we hope that Sully flies as high as it promises to.

Sully arrives in theaters September 9, 2016. More information about the film can be found here.

Mike Reyes
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