Disney Animation About To Make A Huge Announcement, Could It Be Sequel News?

As if sending out an invitation to a royal ball, a christening ceremony at Pride Rock, or a police academy graduation in Zootopia, Walt Disney Animation Studios dropped an invitation to the world today to check out their latest mystery announcement. We don't know what that announcement is, but we'd like to think that one of the many sequels we're looking forward to in the near future. For now though, take a look at the simple, but cryptic invitation below.

Disney released this announcement through their social media platforms, including their Twitter account, promising a big announcement at 12 PM EST / 9 AM PST. Unfortunately, there's no hint as to what the animated giant will be announcing, seeing as that's the whole reason they want everyone to tune in tomorrow. But that hasn't stopped us from feeling out what we think are the three biggest possibilities, and all of them are sequels to three of Disney's most successful films in recent years.

For starters, let's address the snowman in the room, and say that Frozen 2 could be a possible contender for tomorrow's announcement honors. With the Epcot attraction generating lines lasting as long as five hours, and the stage versions of the first film getting under way as well, Disney's going to more than likely want to keep cashing in on Elsa, Anna, and their pals' popularity.

The company may finally feel that fans have waited long enough for their next trip to Arendelle, so with tomorrow's announcement, the wave of obsession could begin anew. Of course, there's another old friend we've been waiting to hear from, and he just might be tomorrow's main attraction if one of our other hunches plays out.

With all of the activity surrounding Wreck-It Ralph 2 in the recent years, the stars may have aligned to bring audiences back to Litwak's Arcade, in search of the next video game adventure. This possibility seems like a more likely scenario, when you think about how Frozen is already developing plenty of other projects under its umbrella. It's been long enough for fans to start to get hungry for more Wreck-It Ralph, and now would be the perfect time to announce that the game is on again!

Wreck-It Ralph

Of course, there's one more film that stands to be touted for the sequel treatment, and it's obviously this year's surprise hit Zootopia. With a little over $1 billion in box-office, this spring's Disney blockbuster isn't as robust a prospect as Frozen, as it's not likely that Nick and Judy's sleuthing adventures would make for a good musical. So announcing a sequel almost immediately after the film's domestic home video release isn't going to run the risk of franchise fatigue any time soon.

For all of the speculation we've engaged in above, Walt Disney Animation Studios could be making an announcement involving a brand new IP, or one of their already slated projects for the future. Even Moana could be on the table for tomorrow's big reveal, as we've recently gotten our first trailer, and dropping a single from Lin-Manuel Miranda's contribution to the film would set the internet ablaze. We'll just have to wait until 12 PM EST / 9 AM PST tomorrow to find out what Disney has in store for us.

What do you think Disney's hiding in the name of tomorrow's surprise? Leave your best guess in the Comments below, and come back tomorrow to find out just what the future has in store!

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