Of Course Suicide Squad-Inspired Clothing Can Be Purchased At Hot Topic

Merchandise is an important part of any movie marketing plan. From action figures to t-shirts, licensed products are a key part of the success of any summer movie project. This is no different for a film like Suicide Squad . At the same time, if you want your merchandise line to be successful, it's very important that you sell it to the right audience. It was likely this perspective that led to the official Suicide Squad clothing like being available at Hot Topic, because of course it is.

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The Suicide Squad is basically the comic book version of those goth kids who hung out across the street from the high school smoking, so it makes sense that they'd try to sell their merchandise to the place where they think those kids shop. Some of the clothing isn't bad, and it's exactly the stuff you'd expect to be able to buy. The "Daddy's Little Monster" t-shirt that Margot Robbie sports in the trailers is something we're far from shocked will exist. We'd also expect it will be a decent seller. It's an entertaining enough shirt that doesn't actually require people to make the Suicide Squad connection to be funny. Some of the clothing, however, is a bit more involved.

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While the Joker smile zipped into the sleeve bit would probably be really cool to show all your friends the first time, what do you do after that? If you start walking around holding your arm up to your face just to make sure everybody sees your new cool jacket, you're going to look very silly, very quickly. We're hoping it's a nice jacket by itself, it's also almost $70.

If the thing you're looking for is the ability to attend your prom dressed like Harley Quinn, don't worry, they've got you covered there as well.

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The vast majority of the clothing is focused around the Joker and Harley Quinn, although there are a few other options, including a jacket inspired by Katana's costume in Suicide Squad. The rest of the characters have some merchandise, including a die-cast metal figure of Deadshot and a poster of Diablo, but if you were hoping to pick up your own Deadshot mask or a Killer Croc hoodie, you're apparently out of luck.

If you're interested in anything they have available, you can pre-order it now so that it ships when the product line officially launches July 22. The timing should be just about perfect so that it will arrive in time for you to wear it all to your fist screening of Suicide Squad when the movie opens August 5.

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