He's Cooped Up With Some Notable Batman Rogues

In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice's theatrical cut, Lex Luthor was simply sent to prison for his crimes, but in the Ultimate Edition, we learned that because he's been declared insane, he's "not fit to stand trial." Unfortunately for him, that doesn't spare him from punishment, as Batman tells him that he's arranged to have Luthor sent to Arkham Asylum, the same place where all of Batman's mentally unstable enemies are sent following capture. By itself, that's a fun Easter Egg, but we also have to take into account the next DCEU movie, Suicide Squad. In early 2015, it was rumored that Lex Luthor would play some kind of role in that movie with a one report even saying he would be one of its primary villains. Given Luthor's current status, that's extremely unlikely, but with many of the Batman villains in Suicide Squad coming from Arkham, maybe Jesse Eisenberg will cameo as Luthor, providing another way for the DCEU movies to connect with one another. At least we can count on not seeing Joker hazing Luthor as an "Arkham welcoming ritual." That would have bumped Suicide Squad to an R rating.

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