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Suicide Squad

We've gotten used to seeing superheroes dominate the box office multiple times over the course of a year, but next month, the villains will be the ones leading the charge. Suicide Squad is priming itself to be one of the more unique comic book movies released in recent years, adapting the classic DC team of criminals who don't even want to be out saving the world. While it remains to be seen how the movie will critically fare with comic book fans and the general audience, commercially, it looks like it may make an incredible amount of money over its first couple days, bringing in over $100 million domestically.

Current tracking passed on by The Hollywood Reporter points to Suicide Squad earning approximately $125 million over its opening weekend in the United States. Some analysts believe it might earn more than that, but it's too soon to bet on that. Compared to its DCEU predecessor, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which earned about $166 million, that may not seem especially impressive. However, remember that this movie is mostly comprised of characters that most moviegoers haven't heard of before, while the previous movie starred three of the most popular superheroes in all of pop culture. As the THR article notes, the bigger question is if Suicide Squad can reach or surpass Deadpool, Fox's similarly-toned superhero comedy which earned over $132 million in its opening weekend back in February.

Assuming it reaches the predicted amount, Suicide Squad will overpass Marvel Studios' last August release, Guardians of the Galaxy, which opened at over $94 million. In comparison last year's August superhero release, Fantastic Four, it...well, the less said about that movie, the better. In a summer movie season that's been filled with a lot of disappointments, Suicide Squad may be one of the later releases that can help end the season on a high note. Financially, at least, it looks like it will do extremely well for itself.

Just like the various versions of Task Force X in the comics, Suicide Squad will follow a group of incarcerated super villains who are forced to go on a dangerous mission of the U.S. government in exchange for leniency. While the previews have piqued many people's interest, the movie has also dealt with some controversy since the beginning of the year for the reshoots that were originally believed to add more humor and lightness in order to distinguish itself from the especially dark Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. While some may still believe that's the case, director David Ayer and other members of the cast have said that the reshoots were primarily intended to add more action. Whatever the reasons, considering the lukewarm response Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice received in theaters, it's up to Suicide Squad to get people more hyped for the DCEU and excited for next year's releases, Wonder Woman and Justice League.

Suicide Squad hits theaters on August 5.

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