Star Wars Fans Get The Best Surprise After Playing Theme Song Outside John Williams’ House

We all love Star Wars. One of the reasons that we all love Star Wars is because of the fantastic music that John Williams created for it. A couple of kids decided to show their appreciation by playing Star Wars music for John Williams himself. He was apparently impressed, as he came outside to listen, and then congratulated the boys on their performance when it was over. Check out the impromptu concert now.

We're sure this is the sort of thing that everybody does at some point, right? You know that you happen to live in the same neighborhood as a famous movie composer, and so, since you also love music, you decide to go serenade him. These kids didn't go with the simple boom box held over their head, though. Bryce Hayashi plays the trumpet and Michael Miller plays the flugelhorn, so they decided to just go ahead and play the Star Wars theme for John Williams themselves on the sidewalk.

Of course, whether or not they even knew John Williams was home is unclear, but about midway through the video you see the door slide open and the composer comes outside. The best part, though, is that it's clear that the boys were so focused on playing the music that they didn't notice Williams was there until they were done. They also apparently didn't realize they were being recorded. At which point, they sort of lose it a bit. Williams seemed to really like what the boys did, he told them he wasn't sure they'd be able to pull it off, but they certainly did.

John Williams

In over six decades of professional work John Williams has written some of the greatest music in the history of cinema. As a frequent collaborator with the likes of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg, Williams is responsible for the themes to classics including the Indiana Jones series and Jaws. Most recently Williams returned to compose the music for Star Wars: The Force Awakens as well as Spielberg's The BFG. He's expected to handle the score for Star Wars: Episode VIII, Ready Player One, and the next installment of the Indiana Jones franchise as well.

As cool as this was, we'd like to ask all budding musicians to not rush out and go play music in front of their idol's house. They're actual people, with actual lives, and if everybody does this once a day John Williams won't be able to get any work done. The first guys on the internet who do something cool get to have some minor fame, everybody else is just being a copycat.

Dirk Libbey
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