Pivotal Batman V Superman Scene Made So Much Better With Celine Dion’s Titanic Theme

We all love movies. We all love great emotional moments between characters and exciting turning points. Sometimes, however, something is missing. We just figured out what every movie needs. Every movie needs Celine Dion singing "My Heart Will Go On." Also, we have learned that possibly no movie needs this song more than Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Check out how much more of a love fest the two characters have immediately after one of them nearly murdered the other. Only this time, with the right soundtrack. Martha!

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The song from the Titanic soundtrack is absolutely perfect. Opinions on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice were split, with many fans really not liking it, while others passionately defending it. Can we all agree, though, that Batman's complete 180-degree turn around after discovering the name of Superman's mother is ridiculous? He had been ready to run through Superman with a Kryptonite spear just a second ago, and now it's "Martha won't die tonight." Adding in the Celine Dion to punctuate that sentence is exactly what the film was missing. Now Batman v Superman is the bromance it was always meant to be.

The Facebook Page Celine a Scene is dedicated to adding the audio clip to all of your favorite, and least favorite films. Don't worry, he doesn't only pick on DC titles, he gives Marvel equal treatment, which is only fair.

The fact that the conflict between Batman and Superman ends due to a piece of obscure comic book trivia, that both characters have mothers with the same first name, is certainly one of the issues that the movie has. Generally, even as adults, children don't refer to their parents by their first name, it's just not how it works. The entire sequence is a very awkward transition point between being enemies and then becoming allies. It's an important point in the film that doesn't work as well as it should. Adding Celine Dion doesn't actually make the scene better, it just makes it intentionally ridiculous, as opposed to accidentally so. So THAT's better.

Whatever your opinion of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice DC and Warner Bros. are certainly moving full steam ahead into their DC Expanded Universe. Over the weekend during San Diego Comic-Con, we got looks at both Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman but we were also shocked by our first look at Justice League. While all these films may end up getting the Celine Dion treatment, it doesn't mean they're bad, just that adding "My Heart Will Go On" makes everything overly dramatic and silly What movie scene do you think would be much better if it included a Celine Dion soundtrack?

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