Celine Dion's Reaction To Ariana Grande's SNL Impression Of Her Is Classic

Celebrities with larger-the-life personalities open themselves up to impressions, some of which are kinder than others. Singer Ariana Grande has proved herself capable of channeling singers ranging from pop princesses to daring divas. In her recent hosting gig on NBC’s Saturday Night Live, she busted out a medley of impressions that got funnier and funnier. Celine Dion was one of the songstresses whose music was featured. According to Ariana Grande, she definitely wasn’t angry.

In a chat on the Elvis Duran and the Morning Show program (via People), Grande had this to say about Celine Dion’s reaction:

When I met Celine, she told me, she was like, ‘When I saw you, I peed!’

It’s a sign both of how hysterical Ariana Grande was in her performance and how secure Celine Dion is as a celebrity that Dion shared the story of peeing a little bit at the sketch. Normally, an adult wetting herself might be something that she keeps to herself. Of course, Dion shared the story just with Griande rather than with the listeners of a radio show, but she surely couldn’t have expected the young singer to keep the anecdote to herself. We can only imagine what might have happened if Grande had gone with the theme from Titanic. Who wouldn’t want to share the bragging rights of being so talented and funny that Celine Dion peed?

Celine Dion wasn’t the only person who was the subject of an Ariana Grande impression, and watching Grande manage to nail the vocal ranges of everybody from Britney Spears to Whitney Houston was a treat. To see who else made the cut of the sketch featuring Chloe the intern saving the day at a streaming radio station, check out the SNL full video:

SNL wasn’t the first time that Ariana Grande got to show off her impression chops on national television. She was unforgettable in her game of “Wheel of Musical Impressions” on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, so the SNL sketch was the best kind of encore.

Her appearance on Saturday Night Live that brought us this glorious performance was her first time as host. Singers rather than comedians or full-time actors can be wild cards when tackling the top job at SNL, but Ariana Grande clearly pulled off her performances to perfection. Hopefully, her success with her first hosting gig means that she’ll be back for another in the future. After all, there are still plenty of divas for her to impersonate. Who knows? Maybe their bladders will be as ticklish as Celine Dion's.

Laura Hurley
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