We are still just a little less than a year away from the release of James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and it still may be a while before the film's first official trailer is released -- but earlier tonight the film delivered its debut footage to an exclusive audience. Marvel Studios held its special San Diego Comic-Con presentation this evening, and as the event drew to a close, Gunn and his excellent ensemble cast took the stage to introduce a clip and a sizzle reel to the hungry audience filled with fans.

Arriving first, the clip began with the Ravagers from the first movie seemingly orchestrating some kind of mutiny on-board their ship, taking both Rocket (voiced by Bradley Cooper) and Yondu (Michael Rooker) and throwing them in a cell -- telling them that they will be delivered to the Kree in the morning. As the alien pirates walk away, we see that they have also managed to capture Baby Groot, who is locked away in a birdcage. One of the Ravagers asks if they can kill the tiny tree creature, but their new leader explains that he is too adorable to kill.

Later, while everyone is asleep, Baby Groot manages to find his way back to Rocket and Yondu's cell, and they put the little guy on an important mission. Yondu explains that there is a prototype head fin locked away in the captain's quarters, and that they need it in order to escape. Unfortunately, Groot being a baby means that he doesn't quite understand what this means, and as a result repeatedly brings back the wrong items. After a hilarious montage that sees him coming back with Yondu's underwear, a toe, a mechanical eye (that Rocket actually wants to keep, thinking it will be funny), and a desk, the little Groot eventually does find the prototype fin, and after that point it's ass-kicking time.

Once he has the prototype fin attached to his head (as seen in the image above) Yondu once again has the ability to control his special arrow with a whistle... and it's a power he uses liberally. Escaping from the cell with Rocket, the blue alien begins to take sweet, sweet revenge against the Ravagers. As the tune of "Come A Little Big Closer" by Jay & The Americans plays over the action, the three heroes casually stroll in slow motion through the ship, with Yondu whistling and basically killing everyone in sight, bodies falling down at every angle through the depths of the space vessel. Even little Groot has the chance to get revenge against the mutineers, chasing one Ravager down, tripping him up with his arms (which he grows out to a distance), and then throwing him off a railing. The scene is a pure example of writer/director James Gunn's personal sensibilities, and it's hilarious and wonderful.

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