Over the past couple of years, one of the biggest questions in Hollywood has been who would finally be cast as Captain Marvel. In that time, it seems that nearly every woman capable of throwing a punch was rumored as being interested, or considered, for the iconic role. The rumors finally came to an end on Saturday, when Marvel officially announced at San Diego Comic Con that Brie Larson had been chosen, and she took her place amongst the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's various players.

While Brie Larson's name was the most recent one attached to Captain Marvel, it was also the best possible choice they could have made. While I for one will always wonder what an Emily Blunt cast Captain Marvel could have looked like, Brie Larson is all the things that the actress playing the part needs to be. Not only is Larson the best choice now, she's the best choice for the long-term success of the character, and possibly the entire MCU. Here's why.

She's A Versatile Actress

The more Marvel movies we get, the wider a net they cast. For every Captain America spy thriller, there's an Ant-Man heist comedy. Marvel movies are covering a lot more ground than they used to. Luckily, Brie Larson knows exactly how to do it all. We don't really know what sort of character the MCU version of Carol Danvers will be, but it doesn't matter. We don't necessarily expect Captain Marvel to be a Guardians of the Galaxy style comedy, but if it is, she can pull it off. We've seen her act funny in movies like Trainwreck, and on TV in places like Community. Not to mention, she won an Oscar for her performance Room, in a role much more dramatic that anything Marvel has ever done. So if the filmmakers want a more serious story, she can handle that as well.

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