Watch Dave Franco And Emma Roberts Torture A CinemaBlend Reporter While Promoting Nerve

Never trust Dave Franco. Or Emma Roberts. Because as soon as your vision is impaired, they'll not only bombard you with marshmallows but they'll also apply lipstick to you as if you're a lonely lab-rat. Don't believe me? Then check out the video below of the pair abusing me just for kicks, while at the same time trying to promote Nerve.

Granted, I was the one who put on the blindfold that led to both Dave Franco and Emma Roberts torturing me in such a genial fashion. But as soon as my sight was blocked, they couldn't resist the opportunity to dole out some pain, while all I wanted was answers to my hard-hitting questions about working on Nerve.

In the end, I got at most three questions during my 10-minute allotted slot with Dave Franco and Emma Roberts. Instead, the interview descended into a farce. Not only did Dave Franco apply lipstick to me in a clear attempt to diffuse my overwhelming masculinity that he was obviously intimated by, but Emma Roberts almost took out my eye with a wayward marshmallow.

Because Dave Franco and Emma Roberts decided to spend their time abusing me with confectionary, I'll do their jobs and tell you a little bit about Nerve.

Emma Roberts stars as Venus Delmonico, a reserved high school senior that decides to launch into the eponymous reality video game in an attempt to prove herself. Nerve invites its users to either enlist online as players, or to pay to view as watchers. Players are tasked with doing increasingly risky and dangerous dares, which is how Venus meets Dave Franco's Ian. After the watchers take a liking to Ian and Venus' camaraderie, they decide that they must do the rest of their tasks together, but little do they know how high the stakes become.

You can check out a trailer for Nerve, below, while if you're so inclined you can also read my review of the survival thriller by clicking here.

Nerve is now in cinemas across the country, while it has already made a pretty impressive start after being released on Wednesday, grossing just under $4 million in its opening night.

Gregory Wakeman