Will Rick Flag Be Back For More DC Movies? Here’s What Joel Kinnaman Says

Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad introduces a whole host of new characters to the DC Extended Universe. Since we already know that some existing characters have cameos in Suicide Squad, it might make you wonder what the odds are that some Squad members may be back for other DC films. While Joel Kinnaman sounds like he'd be more than happy to make a return as Rick Flag, it doesn't sound like there are any specific plans for him at the moment.

On Friday, movie fans will be formally introduced to the Suicide Squad. And as the film is part of the DC universe and already includes an appearance by Ben Affleck as Batman as well as others, it's almost a forgone conclusion that we'll likely see this team of misfits again in some capacity. However, Joel Kinnaman tells Variety that he doesn't know if he'll be making any future appearances as Rick Flag. While he admits the opportunity is there and it sounds like he's interested, it doesn't appear anybody has called him yet.

We'll see. Maybe we'll make more Suicide Squad movies. Who knows? The audience will decide. If there's like military involved in one of the other films then maybe they'll call me. You can definitely see how Amanda Waller has a place in the other films. Maybe I'll tag along with her.

While the audience will likely have the final say in whether there's a Suicide Squad 2, the word is that Warner Bros. has already begun development on the project. Additionally, projections are that Suicide Squad will have one of the top opening weekends of the year. There's already a good chance there will be a Suicide Squad 2, and we'd certainly expect Rick Flag to be part of that movie in some capacity.

At this point, the only other movies that are in production within the DC Universe are Wonder Woman and Justice League. The former film has finished shooting, and most of it takes place during World War I anyway, so we wouldn't expect Rick Flag to appear. The latter is currently filming, so if Joel Kinnaman hasn't received a call already, it's not likely he will. Although that film has enough new characters to deal with that adding anymore existing ones would probably be a little much.

As Joel Kinnaman says, if any of the future films require a military commander, we'd guess there's a good chance he'll end up in the part. Why bring in somebody new when you have a character the audience already knows? It's also true that we can see Viola Davis' Amanda Waller having a long-term spot in the DCEU; the character traditionally has her hands in much of what's going on the comics, and we'd expect the films to follow suit.

How can you see DC using Rick Flag in future films? Leave us your suggestions in the comments.

Dirk Libbey
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