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By now you've probably heard that the worst heroes ever have not gotten off to the best possible start when it comes to critical reception. In fact, it's been downright rocky. Suicide Squad has received a thorough evisceration from numerous critics... but that hasn't stopped Task Force X from making a killing at the box office. The international numbers have begun to roll in, and they bode extremely well for Suicide Squad's overseas performance when it finally opens wide this weekend.

According to a new report from Deadline, it appears that Suicide Squad has begun to flex some serious financial muscle overseas. Opening simultaneously in seven international markets on Wednesday, David Ayer's supervillain team up movie has managed to pull in roughly $8.1 million, with the bulk of that money coming from the Korean and French markets. Overall estimates indicate that Suicide Squad could rake in anywhere between $85 million and $120 million over the course of the weekend, with more conservative final estimates landing around roughly $110 million. That's not bad for a team of practically unknown characters in a fledgling cinematic universe.

For the sake of comparison, this means that Suicide Squad has thus far outpaced Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, 20th Century Fox's Deadpool, and Warner Bros.' own Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in these specific markets. It's unclear whether or not the negative Suicide Squad reviews will eventually lead to a steep decline in ticket sales, which is what happened with the aforementioned Zack Snyder film, but for now the last major superhero movie of the summer is riding high on some serious international

Good news for Suicide Squad also extends to several individual members of the cast as well. For Will Smith and Margot Robbie, the Korean opening of the film marks their biggest ever respective debuts in that particular country. Smith also experienced a similar achievement in Sweden, as the film's Swedish opening became his biggest all time box office debut in that market.

As previously mentioned, it seems that Suicide Squad has defied its negative critical reception to become a major phenomenon. Like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, it seems critical reception will not hurt first weekend returns. The rift between critics and casual movie-goers has become so stark and so problematic that fans of Suicide Squad actually recently started a petition to try and get Rotten Tomatoes shut down over the negative reviews.

We will keep you up to date with any and all pertinent details related to the release of Suicide Squad as more information becomes available to us. The worst heroes ever will assemble on the silver screen when the film opens wide tomorrow - and be sure to stay tuned here for all of our coverage surrounding the release!

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