Suicide Squad was destroyed by most critics, but that didn't stop the fans from turning out in record numbers. While many agree that the film has some problems, my general feeling while watching it was one of disappointment. I was expecting something better, but what's more, what I saw was so close to being good, it was frustrating. The places where it misstepped were slight. They can be fixed.

Suicide Squad's box office success, and not the critics' response, is the thing that is going to result in a sequel happening. As such, we fully expect that there will be a sequel. This is a great thing. People who liked Suicide Squad will get to see more of it, but they also get a chance to make a few improvements to make Suicide Squad 2 something really special. Here are a few of our ideas.

Give Them A Better Villain

Enchantress is a great character, but she wasn't a good starting point for the Suicide Squad as far as antagonists go. These guys are "street level" heroes/villains, similar to Daredevil or Jessica Jones in the MCU, and they need an equivalent villain. They can still make the stakes high without the team having to actually save the world. Having the DCEU introduction of magic happen with a team like Suicide Squad is a choice that doesn't fit. Give these guys a violent psychopath to chase after, or a small country to overthrow, or protect. That's where this team can shine brightly.

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