While it has proven incredibly divisive among critics, fans truly seem to have enjoyed the hell out of David Ayer's Suicide Squad over the weekend when it finally hit theaters. Many have lauded the Task Force X adventure as a fun addition to the DCEU, and a major step forward for the DC cinematic superhero universe as a whole, and we're incline to agree. Even without heavy hitters like Batman and Superman in central roles, the whole affair proved intriguing, entertaining, and downright enjoyable for true DC fans.

All that being said, as much as we enjoyed Suicide Squad, we have to admit that the film raised certain questions that it never even bothered to answer. We've compiled a list of the six most pressing unanswered questions from David Ayer's recent supervillain team-up, because we're still scratching our heads trying to figure these ones out. Our hope is that a future sequel could shed some light onto these mysteries, but until then, we will be left wondering. With that in mind, let's get started with one of Suicide Squad's biggest unanswered questions.

Where Were The Justice League Members When Midway City Was In Danger?

The threat that Enchantress and Incubus pose to Earth in Suicide Squad rivals that of Zod in Man of Steel, or even Doomsday in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. All three of these movies revolve around potentially apocalyptic scenarios, which has us wondering why no major DC heroes show up in Midway City to combat the villains. Sure, Henry Cavill's Superman is no longer around to take care of major menaces, but Batman (Ben Affleck), Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), and The Flash (Ezra Miller) all clearly exist on the surface world, and Aquaman (Jason Momoa) most certainly pops up to lend a hand whenever "The King Tide" rolls in. The devastation shown in Suicide Squad is by no means contained, and we've been racking our brains wondering why we never saw the Batwing soar over Midway City to at least take a look at the chaos.

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