The Rock Just Teased An Awesome Prison Break In New Fast 8 Video

The Rock may be embroiled in some issues on the set of Fast 8, but he's not letting that stop him from getting his job done, and having a good time while doing it. The actor continues to tease us with the "most amazing prison scene of all prison scenes." This time, he uses his social media as a big thank you to all the people who worked with him on this sequence that he has built up to be something special.

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We still have no idea why The Rock's character is even in prison in Fast 8, yet we know quite a bit about the fact that he's there. The Rock has been showing us videos and images of this sequence for weeks. Now that he's almost done, the actor has taken a moment to thank everybody who was involved in the shoot, from the stunt coordinator to the rest of the stunt people who played the other prisoners, who we assume all get their asses kicked by Hobbs. The Rock is very gracious here, making sure that everybody gets an equal share of the credit. If this prison break scene ends up being everything that The Rock claims it will be, odds are that Rocky will be the one getting most of the credit, he wants to be sure that everybody knows he wasn't the only one working hard.

While Dwayne Johnson has been careful to only give us still images of the actual fight scene. His Instagram videos have only been used to show behind the scenes moments, the actor seems incredibly pumped up for Fast 8, and this scene in particular. The stunt team behind him looks absolutely massive, both in the number of people involved, and their relative size. Stunt coordinator J.J. Perry looks tiny compared to the people surrounding him, and he's not actually that small. Perry has had a career stretching back to the late 1980s as both a stuntman and a coordinator. His other recent credits include being the fight coordinator for Jason Statham's upcoming Mechanic: Resurrection as well as being stunt coordinator for John Wick: Chapter 2.

While the headlines that The Rock has been making recently have been much more focused on his personal issues while on the set, he makes reference to them in the attached post, he's got a much more positive message here. Whether or not those issues are truly behind him, he's now looking forward, to finishing the film and making it great. If everybody else in this video has half the passion that Dwayne Johnson apparently does, then we expect it will turn out pretty damn good.

How pumped are you to finally see everything The Rock has hyped for Fast 8? The film hits screens next April.

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