Aquaman Looks Like A Total Rock God In Latest Justice League Set Photo

Warner Bros.' big superhero team-up film Justice League has been filming in London for a little while now. We know a surprising amount about the film, but there's still a level of secrecy surrounding Aquaman. Played by Jason Momoa, the character will be a bit of a departure from what mainstream audiences are used to, although you probably won't find him riding a giant seahorse. Sporting long hair and a beard, is it possible that Aquaman is about to become one of the coolest characters in the DC Extended Universe? This picture from the set of Justice League featuring Aquaman wielding a mighty axe says yes.

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This picture comes from the Twitter account of Zack Snyder, who seems to really like working with Jason Momoa. But really, how can you not when he makes Aquaman look metal as hell (a phrase I thought I'd never say)? Who knows why that guitar was lying around on set, but it's still a pretty cool picture. The guitar probably doesn't come into play in the film, but fingers crossed that we hear the most badass rendition ever of "Under the Sea."

This picture also gives us our closest look yet of the Aquaman costume. This version is a set of armor, first seen in the teaser image for Justice League that went live during Comic-Con. It's a bit of a far cry from the shirtless costume that was revealed some time ago, but no less cool. The armor appears to emulate scales in order to fit the Atlantean motif. It also seems to follow the same triangular pattern of the tattoos Aquaman has on his arm. Those tattoos are actually based on real-life Polynesian culture, but it's always possible that they have a different meaning in the film. All in all, the armor looks great, and should give Aquaman some extra protection when he dukes it out with the Parademons.

In regards the Aquaman's role in Justice League, it seems that he'll bit of a lone wolf and won't immediately join the team. Fans saw him reject Batman's offer to join the league in the Comic-Con trailer, and we also learned that he's some kind of protector of a fisherman's port- bringing fish to help a struggling community. We don't know much about his current status with Atlantis, and whether he's currently the King or if he had the position and has since lost it. Atlantis is hiding one of the Mother Boxes that Justice League villain Steppenwolf is searching for, so that is presumably what will involve him in the larger conflict.

We'll be able to see Aquaman - and hopefully his shredding skills - in Justice League, which is scheduled to premiere on November 17, 2017.

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