Dick Van Dyke Breaks Into Chitty Chitty Bang Bang At A Denny’s And It’s Delightful

Dick Van Dyke is one of the world's greatest living humans. This is a simple fact of life that we've all come to terms with. That doesn't mean he can't still become even more awesome. While the beloved actor is 90 years old, this hasn't apparently slowed the man down in the slightest. It also apparently hasn't prevented him from going to really terrible places for breakfast. Having said that, if I have to start eating at Denny's in order to have something like this happen in front of me, then order me up that Grand Slam right now. Here's Dick Van Dyke singing "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" for his meal at a random Southern California Denny's. You're welcome.

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Sometimes, you just don't realize how badly you need something like this on a Monday morning until you get it. It's a simple cell phone video of Dick Van Dyke, and the barbershop quartet he apparently meets for breakfast, singing inside a Denny's, one in Santa Monica, California, based on the post location. I've been to my share of dinners, but I've never had somebody break into song. Does this sort of thing happen all the time in Southern California?

We're guessing that this video isn't quite as random as it appears to be. As awesome as he is we figure that even Dick Van Dyke doesn't meet acapella singers for breakfast all that often. Even if he does, then they probably don't always sing for the restaurant. It's not clear why this particular time felt like the right one to break into a rendition of "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang." Not that we're complaining. Even if this was completely staged, it doesn't make witnessing it any less awesome.

There is one thing in this video that makes us wonder if this sort of thing does happen all the time. On the right-hand side of the frame, there is a woman who appears utterly unimpressed by the entire affair. There are only two reasons that this would be the case. One is that she has breakfast here every morning, and so does Dick Van Dyke, and he does this every day. Been there, done that. The other possibility, is that she doesn't really realize what it is that she's seeing here. Such a thing is too terrible to contemplate. Does she really not realize she's witnessing Dick Van Dyke singing?

It's wonderful to see that at 90-years-old Dick Van Dyke isn't slowing down. We're hoping for several more years of him being awesome. There are rumors that the actor is in talks to play a role in Mary Poppins Returns, something that we certainly hope ends up coming true, especially if he gets a song out of the deal.

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