Watch Margot Robbie Destroy Will Smith In A Brutal Game Of Playground Insults

The latest trend amongst Hollywood movie stars is for them to wildly insult each other for the pleasure of the public. James Corden's Drop The Mic section of his Late, Late Show over on CBS, which has seen Kevin Hart, Anne Hathaway, David Schwimmer, Rebel Wilson, Cara Delevingne and Dave Franco partaking in heated rap battles, has proven to be so popular that a spin-off is on the way. But now Margot Robbie and Will Smith have joined in a game that's eerily similar, but has proven to be just as entertaining, with the Australian actress particularly reveling in insulting the former Fresh Prince. You can watch a video of these insults below.

This might be the ultimate proof of just how nice Will Smith is as a person. Or it might just be the ultimate proof that Margot Robbie is umpteen times wittier than him as she was able to repeatedly come out with some terrific zingers to sting the Academy Award nominated actor, who in return just made some weak comments about her mother.

In Radio 1's Playground Insults the name of the game is to try and get the other person to laugh, something that Will Smith did almost instantly either through nerves or just because he was well aware how poor his returns to Robbie were going to be. To be fair to Smith, he was on the receiving end of a barrage of abuse from Margot Robbie. Not only did she start things off with a barb about how large Will Smith's ears are, suggesting that they stuck out so much she could use them as an antenna to pick up WiFi so she could contact her parents back in Australia, but she then suggested that he was even uglier than the dog that appeared in I Am Legend.

Of course, any such banter was always going to include a joke about the size of Will Smith's penis. Which arose after Smith himself had made a quip about Margot Robbie's mother, that she then flipped on its head. She accepted Smith's hypothesis that he had indeed slept with Robbie's mother, but then she insisted that her mother had been left entirely unsatisfied by the experience suggesting that the nickname Big Willie was a complete misnomer.

But Margot Robbie's crowning achievement was when she rightfully pointed out that Will Smith is actually just an uglier version of Barack Obama. Which is something that I will forever now see when I look at him.

Of course there was one really simple way for either of the duo to win this game. All they had to do was read out some of the reviews for Suicide Squad. But, since they were there to promote the latest DC blockbuster, it probably wouldn't have been the smartest ploy.

Gregory Wakeman