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Kill Bill Vol. 2 Wedding

Hollywood has pretty much beaten it into the heads of anyone who loves a good romance that if you're going to get married, it's got to be big. The cake has to be beautiful, the guest list astronomical, and the entire affair has to rival that of royalty. But there's one movie that showed us what the cheapest wedding on screen looks like, and it's a film you've more than likely seen. If you're looking to keep costs at a minimum, then look no further than Kill Bill Vol. 2's wedding between The Bride and her beau!

After conducting a study on what movie weddings were both the most and least expensive, Ebates shared the results, and it's pretty interesting to see where some of the biggest movie pairings rank. As it turns out, The Bride's black and white nuptials to be were only going to cost her and her would-be husband $748. These results were calculated solely by the catering costs multiplied by the number of attendees. Apparently, it costs an average of $68 per guest to cater a wedding, and with that knowledge, the savings website compiled the following list of movie weddings, from the least to most expensive:

Kill Bill, $748

The Little Mermaid, $5,100

Meet the Fockers, $6,936

I Love You, Man, $9,560

The Graduate, $9,656

Father of the Bride, $10,200

The Wedding Singer, $11,900

It Happened One Night, $12,376

The Best Man, $12,240

The Princess Bride, $14,960

My Big Fat Greek Wedding, $16,320

My Best Friend's Wedding, $16,864

Wedding Crashers, $20,400

Love Actually, $21,080

Bridesmaids, $21,800

Sweet Home Alabama, $24,840

Sex and the City, $30,600

The Godfather, $37,400

Leave it to Quentin Tarantino to deliver the cheapest wedding in movie history, as The Bride's wedding was not only supposed to be a secret, but it was also a new start to a simpler life for the woman known as Beatrix Kiddo. Though considering the fact that Beatrix was also pregnant with Bill's child at this point in the Kill Bill timeline, she obviously needed to save all the money she could for her little bundle of joy. Which, of course, leads to a pretty dark thought, all things considered: how much of the offset cost of that wedding went towards The Bride's eventual medical expenses?

Meanwhile, the most expensive wedding in the history of films, based on attendance alone, has to be that of Connie Corleone in 1972's The Godfather. Again, no big stretch of the imagination, considering Connie's not only part of an Italian family, but also one of the Five Families that make up the world of the mafia in Francis Ford Coppola's legendary hit. Though considering the total came out to $37,400, and the average for a wedding in New York can run between $45,000 and $89,000, depending on where you're having the ceremony, it sounds like Don Vito found some offers even he couldn't refuse for his daughter's big day.

But which wedding is the better film event? Well, that's up for interpretation, as different people like different types of ceremonies, and not all versions of the big day fit everyone. Just know that when the time comes for you to take the big plunge, it's best to do what you've always wanted, and not just something you've seen in the movies!

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