What Bryce Dallas Howard Actually Thinks Of The Jurassic World In Heels Controversy

Bryce Dallas Howard in Jurassic World

Bryce Dallas Howard has heard all of the jokes. She has seen all of the memes. And she loves most of them. But she's really hoping that Jurassic World 2, the announced sequel to her smash hit Jurassic World, leaves the high-heeled shoes at home. Even though, at this stage, she's accepted the fact that it's going to be part of her legacy -- of which, she's actually fine. While promoting her work on Pete's Dragon, the versatile actress looked ahead to Jurassic World 2, and back on the high-heels controversy, and reflected:

Oh my gosh! It's my favorite stuff, just the GIFs online. I mean, did you see the really funny thing where it had everyone from the previous film, including the dinosaurs, wearing heels? That was hilarious. ... It's obviously something totally unexpected, and I have a running joke for the rest of my life perhaps. I can be one of those people that's constantly referencing it, even 80 years from now.

That's the spirit. Don't run from the joke. Embrace it! Own it, as Bryce Dallas Howard did in this recent interview with Huffington Post. It's such an overblown controversy, and the idea that people were so outraged over the shoes on Bryce Dallas Howard's feet as she ran from DINOSAURS only proves that contemporary movie watchers only seek things to get angry about online. Launch the think pieces!

The sequel, currently going by Jurassic World 2, needs to address this, though. New director J.A. Bayona, who's a genius in his own right, needs to come up with some form of a montage of Dallas' character, Claire, trying on multiple pairs of sensible shoes before landing on a form-fitting sneaker, or a rigged boot. Maybe she gets an endorsement deal with Nike, and she gets her own TV commercial. "When I dodge T-Rexes, I make sure I'm wearing my Nikes!"

So silly.

Jurassic World

What do we know about Jurassic World 2? After Jurassic World banked $1.67 billion (with a B) dollars in 2015, a sequel was greenlit. But with World director Colin Trevorrow signing up for Star Wars: Episode IX, the director's chair for J World 2 was handed to J.A. Bayona, who previously directed The Impossible and this year's upcoming A Monster Calls.

We really don't have any additional details on the story just yet, as I imagine it's going through its scripting phase. But Universal wants Jurassic World 2 to be in theaters by June 22, 2018 -- hitting the same basic window as Jurassic World -- and I need at least one high-heels joke in the sequel, or I'll leave the theater disappointed.

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