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It won't be much longer until the Marvel Cinematic Universe is fully introduced to magic. This November, Doctor Strange will see Stephen Strange taking his first steps from surgeon to Sorcerer Supreme, but he won't be alone in this journey. The latest Marvel movie boasts an impressive supporting cast, and a new video is shining the spotlight on three of the main players. It only asks one thing from those watching it: open your mind.

As we near the two month mark until Doctor Strange is released, Marvel has put out a sneak peek looking at some of the movie's other magic users, both good and bad, with several new pieces of concept art interspersed throughout. First up, Karl Mordo, played by Chiwetel Ejiofor. Described as Stephen Strange's "intro" into the world of magic, this movie's version of Mordo is close with The Ancient One, played by Tilda Swinton. Together, they will train Stephen, who has sought out their help to heal his hands, which were damaged in a car accident. He'll never return to his surgical career, but thanks to Mordo and The Ancient One's mentorship, he'll find a new way to save lives, i.e. by conjuring spells and becoming a mystical protector. Of course, longtime comic book fans know that Mordo is Strange's arch-nemesis in the comics, so be prepared for the possibility of something happening in this movie that leads him to the dark side, thus setting him up as the sequel's villain.

On the other side of the coin, there's the main antagonist Kaecilius, played by Mads Mikkelsen. Originally one of The Ancient One's followers, this formerly benevolent sorcerer is now leading the Zealots, comprised of people who have become seduced by what they find on the "other side." Along with magic, Doctor Strange is also featuring more alternate dimensions, as these mystical forces allow its users to peer and even travel to other realms. Kaecilius intends to eliminate the barriers between these dimensions, as his search for the truth has led him in directions most won't go. Now separated from his former allies, Kaecilius will use his abilities and followers to accomplish his goals, leaving it up to Stephen, Mordo and the other Masters of the Mystic Side note: perhaps a certain flame-covered demon ruler is influencing the villain's plans?

As the MCU's 14th entry, Doctor Strange is introducing a lot of new and crazy elements to this franchise, and whether they're helping Stephen Strange or hindering them, most of these new characters will be contributing to the mystical insanity. You can see this full Doctor Strange featurette when it's released on iTunes this Friday, while the movie itself will cast its spell in theaters on November 4.

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