Parents. We love our kids, usually more than we love ourselves. They hold our hearts and our souls in their hands, so when you get the chance to tell them just how important they are to us, it usually involves tears. Big, fat, sloppy tears. I'm the father of two amazing kids, and I sobbed my way though this beautiful interaction between Kevin Smith and his Yoga Hosers star, Harley Quinn Smith, who happens to be his daughter. They did an interview together, where Harley asked dad who his favorite performer with which to work has been. His answer -- lengthy, as you might assume -- eventually brings the two of them to tears, and it's worth a watch:

Are you crying, too? I'm not ashamed to say that I choked up during that great interaction. And credit to Yahoo Movies for coming up with the idea of having Harley Quinn interview her loquacious father this time out. Her opening question pertained to Kevin Smith's favorite actor to work with, and seeing as how the director has worked with the likes of Alan Rickman, Salma Hayek, Matt Damon, Chris Rock, Ben Affleck and more over the years, he could have gone with anyone. But he chose his daughter, who has now played convenience store clerk Colleen in Tusk and Yoga Hosers. And his reason is why both Smith and his baby girl got sentimental.

Smith explained that after Cop Out, he was in a war with film critics. But he started the war on purpose, in his own words, because he wanted to poison the well and get back to making movies that HE wanted to make, and not movies that pleased the critical community. But he says watching Harley in Tusk turned him around. He tells her:

You were the difference-maker. I let go of all that bitter shit that I held onto for so long. The me-versus-them, and chip-on-my-shoulder artist shit. ... You made me want to be a better filmmaker more than anyone in this world, because I was like, 'Oh, I can be useful again.' So because of that, you're my favorite performer.

By that point in the interview, as you saw above, Kevin Smith and his daughter were crying messes. It was an incredibly sweet moment, and hopefully one that lasted long enough that Smith forgot some of the awful things critics have said about Yoga Hosers:

Yoga Hosers is in select theaters as we speak. And while this story was truly great, not everything associated with Yoga Hosers has been good. In fact, the reviews have been BRUTAL. Check out the next page, where we have video of Kevin Smith reading his absolute WORST reviews for Yoga Hosers. He takes it like a man, though you may cry... from laughing!!

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