Captain America: Civil War With Legos Is Hilarious And Awesome, Watch It Now

Captain America: Civil War was the best movie of the summer. Legos are the best toy ever created. These two things together are bound to give us endless joy. We are not disappointed. While this version of Lego Civil War doesn't happen quite the way we remember the movie taking place, it's still a fantastic video that pits cute toy versions of Captain America and Iron Man against each other. Check it out.

As Kenshen8, the creator of this little one act Lego play points out, this video won't make any sense if you haven't seen Captain America: Civil War. Although, if you have seen Civil War it probably won't make a lot more sense. This version of Tony Stark is certainly not the nuanced character that Robert Downey Jr played, potentially doing the wrong thing for the right reasons. This one looks to be a straight-up bad guy who's fallen to forcing people to join his registration act.

Cap, for his part, is also missing some of his real life character. He's not the thoughtful patriot, he's much more of a brute who snaps at the idea of his "Captain American civil rights" being violated. For the record, I will be adopting the phrase "Captain American civil rights" into my standard lexicon. It's too damn funny not to continue to use.

As funny as this video is, the action isn't half bad either. The stop-motion animation that makes Cap's shield fly through the air and crash into Iron Man looks great. It may be a bit stiff, but only to the degree that you'd expect it would be when toys are your medium. The Captain America vs. Hulkbuster Iron Man sequence is fantastic to watch, and probably not far from what we could have seen if an actual sequence like that had been part of the film.

Our favorite bit is still early in the video, however, when we see the other photos on Tony Stark's computer. Somewhere, the fan fiction is already being written.

Lego has done some official work with Marvel in the past, although, thanks to The LEGO Movie they're probably more closely associated with DC comics. Batman was such a success in that film that he got his own spinoff. The LEGO Batman Movie will be hitting theaters early next year. It's too bad that such a deal probably precludes any Lego Marvel movie, because this shows just how hilarious something like that could be.

If you want to see what actually causes Iron Man and Captain America to fight, you can check out Captain America: Civil War on Blu-Ray.

Dirk Libbey
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