Hysterical New LEGO Batman Movie Trailer Sneaks In Ben Affleck's Dark Knight, Pokes Fun At The Sad Hero

Normally, after we see one trailer for a movie, we have to wait months to get another look at the film. LEGO Batman does not accept these arbitrary timetables. We just got our first look at The LEGO Batman Movie last week, but now it’s time for the second look, and if anything, this movie is only looking better.

The new trailer takes place inside Wayne Manor and includes an appearance by the film’s Alfred, voiced by Ralph Fiennes. While the single funniest thing in it may be the fact that Batman wears his mask around the house while in his robe, the trailer gives us much more than that to play with. Alfred gives us a rundown of Batman’s entire cinematic history, including shots of Ben Affleck in the current Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, as well as images of the infamous bat-nipples and an Adam West cameo. Basically, the only way to get away with releasing a Batman trailer when there’s currently a Batman movie in theaters is to make fun of the abundant number of Batman movies there have been over time. Also, isn’t it more than a little creepy that there’s a portrait of the Wayne family that was apparently taken just a short while before they were murdered? Is that really something you would hang in your house?

The brief shot of Batman dancing isn’t the only reference to the classic 1960’s Batman TV series. Will Arnett’s LEGO Batman also busts into a beat that is obviously inspired by the famous theme, which we hear again as a proper song at the end of the trailer. It certainly appears that no Batman will be safe from The LEGO Batman Movie.

This trailer follows on the heels of one that was released at the end of last week. That one gave us a look at the Batcave, and Batman’s Bat computer, who basically just sounds like Siri. For anybody who is looking for a lighter version of Batman, one who honestly has more in common with Adam West than Christian Bale, this movie is likely to be for you.

In addition to Will Arnett and Ralph Fiennes, The LEGO Batman Movie will include Michael Cera as Robin and Rosario Dawson as Batgirl, along with Zach Galifianakis as The Joker. Although The Joker won’t be the only Batman villain in the film. As opposed to doing the standard batman movie thing and picking one or two, it looks like the entire Rogue’s Gallery will be making an appearance.

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If you haven’t had your Bat-fill this past weekend, The LEGO Batman Movie will be out next year.

Dirk Libbey
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