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In only a few short years, Margot Robbie has become one of the biggest actresses in Hollywood. Her recent turn in Suicide Squad has only made the demand for her greater. Now, the actress has signed a deal that will likely keep her, and Harley Quinn, around for the foreseeable future. Robbie has signed a "first-look" deal with Warner Bros. that will have her producing multiple features, as well as starring in the much rumored Harley Quinn solo film.

Harley Quinn

It was first reported several months ago that Warner Bros. was eyeing a solo vehicle for Margot Robbie and Harley Quinn before Suicide Squad was even in theaters. However, just prior to the film's release Robbie was asked about the spinoff, and she said that she wasn't sure that it would happen. At the time, the word was that Warner Bros. had gotten cold feet and was less sure about committing resources to a spinoff film until they were sure Suicide Squad was a hit. While that has now happened, at least from a box office standpoint, it looks like there was actually another reason the deal was held up. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Margot Robbie's new deal with Warner Bros. will have her both starring in, and producing, multiple films for the studio, only one of which is the Harley Quinn movie.

It would appear that the reason the comic book follow-up wasn't a sure thing was because there was more to making the deal happen than to simply agree on one film. Getting the Harley Quinn movie also meant getting Margot Robbie a deal for several other films. The one other movie that's specifically part of the deal is an adaption of Queen of the Air, which Robbie will both star in and act as executive producer.

What this does mean is that Margot Robbie is now deeply entrenched with Warner Bros. which will likely result in not simply a solo vehicle for Harley Quinn, but quite possibly a long term future for the character within the DCEU. As a producer, and not just the star, of a Harley Quinn movie, Margot Robbie will potentially have much more control over the character. Whether that means we'll be seeing a great deal more of Quinn, or whether Robbie will want to hold her back as a more occasional star, remains to be seen.

Now that we know there will be a Harley Quinn movie, we can't help but wonder exactly what it will be. While we would fully expect her to share the screen with Jared Leto a lot going forward, he seems to be less than thrilled with the way Suicide Squad went down. If he's not as interested in coming back, how will that impact the future of Harley?

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