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One of the perks of Victor Stone being Cyborg in the DC universe is that his mechanical body boosts his strength to superhuman levels. Actor Ray Fisher, on the other hand, doesn't have such special abilities, which is why he, like the rest of us, have to hit the gym to look ripped. Fortunately for him, the work is paying off, as evidenced by a new photo.

Half-Man, Half-Machine... #BORGLIFE #JusticeLeague

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Justice League is still in the middle of principal photography, and Ray Fisher has been making sure to stay in shape when not shooting. The Instagram picture above proves he's been doing a good job, as that dude is jacked! He's clearly enjoying that "Borg Life." Thanks to his artificial enhancements and metal plate coverings, Cyborg is a bigger character, meaning Fisher has to keep those muscles gigantic to keep the "half-man, half-machine" look. Judging by the expression on his face, he looks like he's ready to fight bad guys right at that moment.

Starting out as a stage actor, Ray Fisher was added to the DC Extended Universe back in 2014, with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice being his feature film debut. Victor Stone, along with Ezra Miller's Flash and Jason Momoa's Aquaman, cameoed on one of the videos contained in Lex Luthor's metahuman files. In Cyborg's case, moviegoers saw him on an operating table while his father Silas desperately tried to rebuild his son's body following a tragic accident. He eventually accomplishing that goal (albeit painfully) with a Mother Box, but the freaky video cut out before the transformation was complete.

Like his New 52 counterpart, Ray Fisher's Cyborg will be a member of the Justice League rather than the Teen Titans, fully debuting in the premiere DC superhero team's movie next year. The San Diego Comic-Con footage showed Fisher's Victor both in his machine form and as a regular human (the latter most likely being a flashback). We'll have to wait and see what's in store for him there, but this will be his full debut to a lot of folks who either haven't read the comics or grew up watching the Teen Titans animated series. He'll need to make a good impression.

After Justice League, Ray Fisher will presumably return for 2019's Justice League 2, and then he'll get to lead the standalone Cyborg movie in 2020. He's also rumored to appear in 2018's The Flash, although director Rick Famuyiwa has seemingly denied this. Regardless, Fisher will be keeping himself busy with plenty of DC material in the coming years, meaning that impressive physique will have to be maintained, but he looks like he's up for the challenge.

Fans can look forward to seeing Ray Fisher's Cyborg when Justice League hits theaters on November 17, 2017.

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