Henry Cavill Shows Off Cool New Justice League Art While Visiting With Awesome Make-A-Wish Kids

The superheroes we see in movies and television battling evil on a regular basis in elaborate costumes don't exist in real life. However, that doesn't mean that the actors playing them can't live up to their ideals and be good people. Case in point, Henry Cavill, a.k.a. the DC Extended Universe's Superman, recently spent some time with some young fans while still wearing the Man of Steel's costume, and he took the opportunity to pose with them alongside new Justice League art.

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Justice League is still deep into production in London, and during one of his breaks from being in front of the camera, Henry Cavill met two kids named Orin and Summer from the Make-A-Wish Foundation, both of whom he called the "real superheroes." During the hang-out, the three of them took the opportunity to pose next to cardboard standees of the six cinematic Justice Leaguers. Cavill and Orin rocked the classic "hands on the hip" Superman pose next to the Man of Steel and Cyborg cutouts, while Summer went for the Wonder Woman "arms up" pose next to the Amazon and Aquaman cutouts.

While we've already seen Justice League heroes in a cast photo and the San Diego Comic-Con special footage, this is the first time we've seen those particular illustrations of them, and every now and then it's nice to get different looks at these heroes. More importantly, though, is that these kids were able to spend sometime with the man currently bringing Superman to life on the big screen. Judging from what Henry Cavill wrote in his Instagram post, he was also deeply appreciative to meet these kids, as provided their own kind of inspiration, just liked the beloved superhero he plays.

Although Superman will be one of the founding members of the DCEU's Justice League, his involvement in next year's movie is shrouded in secrecy. Kal-El gave his life to stop Doomsday in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but in the final minutes of that movie, the dirt above his coffin started to float in the air. That alluded that his death wasn't as permanent as it looked, and sure enough, he will be revived at some point during Justice League. How this happens remains to be seen, but Cavill did post a picture a few months ago revealing that in addition to his classic red and blue suit, he'll also be donning an all-black costume, calling back to what he wore soon after being revived in the comics. Whatever ends up happening with him, Superman still has a bright future ahead of him in the DCEU after this adventure, both with Justice League 2 and Man of Steel 2.

Superman flies back into action when Justice League hits theaters on November 17, 2017.

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