How Many Oscars Could Captain America: Civil War Actually Win?

Captain America Civil War Oscar

Although they're primarily known as popcorn entertainment, superhero blockbusters are no strangers to the Academy Awards, as well. Plenty of superhero films have gone to the Oscars over the years, and now it seems that Captain America: Civil War aims to join those ranks as well -- possibly positioning it to become the first ever Marvel movie to win an Academy Award. Marvel has officially submitted the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe adventure for awards consideration, and we think there's a very real possibility that Civil War could even walk away with seven Oscar wins in 2017. These seven specifically:

Sound MixingSound EditingBest CinematographyBest Costume DesignBest Film EditingBest Visual EffectsBest Writing - Adapted Screenplay

A new report from confirms that Marvel has already submitted Captain America: Civil War for awards consideration by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Anyone who has seen the film will instantly recognize the fact that Civil War should be considered a serious contender in the more technical categories. In terms of sound design, the film should have little trouble rising to meet the challenge in the Sound Mixing, Sound Editing categories. These categories are typically dominated by major blockbusters, and no 2016 blockbuster has become bigger than Civil War.

Then there are the visuals, and we all know that Captain America: Civil War never once skimped in that department. From Best Cinematography, to Best Costume Design, to Best Film Editing, few major Hollywood blockbusters could compete this year. Not only was the film beautifully and coherently assembled, but the crew actually did some truly pioneering work in the creation of several visual elements -- such as Black Panther's costume, which was purely CGI. Beyond that, the airport sequence alone should make it a shoo-in for Best Visual Effects.

However, those are categories that we almost always expect a big budget blockbuster to win. There also exists a very distinct possibility that Civil War could also garner one or two of the more high profile nominations as well, and possibly even win awards like Best Adapted Screenplay. I know, I know. Still, there's no question that Civil War was one of the most competently directed superhero films of all time, and the questions it raises about government overreach and individual rights have specific relevance to the world we currently live in. It undoubtedly would face very stiff competition in the Best Picture and Best Direction categories, but remember, if George Miller earned nods for his work on Mad Max: Fury Road, then we think that The Russos deserve similar recognition.

Finally, there's the Best Adapted Screenplay category. Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely did incredibly impressive work taking Mark Millar's iconic Civil War arc and adapting it for the silver screen while maintaining the continuity of the greater Marvel Cinematic Universe. Not many superhero movies are known for mature, intelligent storytelling, but Civil War thoroughly defies that stereotype to present audiences with a truly compelling political thriller that feels particularly relevant for the modern era.

We will just have to wait and see how Captain America: Civil War fares when awards season rolls around. Marvel has never won an Academy Award, but Civil War could change that in seriously dramatic fashion.

Conner Schwerdtfeger

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