Rachel McAdams plays Christine Palmer in the upcoming Doctor Strange movie, and we are trying to put together what we know about her role. We've seen her looking over a bed that we assumed contained Stephen Strange after his car accident, and we have seen her sitting bedside while Strange is bruised and bandaged in bed. But the above photo raises very interesting questions. We see Strange and Palmer together in the hospital where she works... but he is definitely wearing his sorcerer garb, with the Eye of Agamotto -- but not his signature red cloak. Where is it? And is Christine now aware that the neurosurgeon is suddenly a superhero?

Along with this exclusive new look, McAdams, also got her own poster, which makes us think that she's a much bigger player in this movie than we have assumed.

She's not the only one to get a poster. Doctor Strange, himself, got a similar one sheet, as did Benedict Wong's character, Wong. Read on!

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