New Rogue One Commercial Features A Closer Look At Scarif Troopers

There are only a few months left until the first ever standalone Star Wars movie hits theaters. With Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, the saga will take a notable break from the Skywalker family and focus attention on the plot to take down the first ever Death Star. This journey will take our new heroes on a wild adventure, and introduce a brand new planet known as Scarif. Now a new commercial has hit the web showcasing some Imperial Scarif troopers, and it's undeniably awesome. Check it out below!

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If that video doesn't get you excited for the chaos and carnage that will inevitably go down in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, then nothing will. Showcasing the new planet, Scarif, the sequence follows a group of stormtroopers as they fight against rebel forces and take cover by a downed AT-AT. It's a totally badass war sequence -- until it's revealed to be a battle imagined by a young child playing with his brand new Scarif trooper action figures. No matter what, Star Wars will always thrive on tie-in merchandise.

However, don't expect to see these shots in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Despite the high production value for the battle, this sequence was constructed specifically to advertise the Scarif Trooper action figures. We know that there will be plenty of action will take place on Scarif, but it won't be quite like this.

Although the footage seen in this commercial won't actually appear in the upcoming standalone movie, we won't have to wait too much longer to see brand new footage from Rogue One. Disney has kept the movie very firmly under wraps over the course of the last few months, but we recently learned that the final trailer for Rogue One would premiere on November 4 with the release of Doctor Strange.

I would also just like to take this moment to briefly point out and praise the production quality of a Wal-Mart commercial -- which is something that I never thought would ever happen. Despite the fact that it's only a 15-second commercial for tie-in Star Wars products, the ad features more impressive stormtrooper action than anything we ever saw from the clone troopers in the Star Wars prequel movies.

All that being said, it's clear that the Scarif sequences in Rogue One will probably be the highlight of the movie. Check out the latest trailer for Rogue One to get a better glimpse of the chaos that's coming to the beautiful planet:

We will bring you any and all relevant updates related to the upcoming release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story as more information becomes available to us. The first standalone Star Wars adventure will land in theaters on December 16.

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