For 20 years, most people have been content with the version of That Thing You Do! that was released in theaters back in 1996, and there's nothing wrong with that. Tom Hanks's writing and directing debut is a bona fide classic in every sense of the word, and it's as fun and exciting today as it was the first time we dropped the proverbial needle on the record that is the film. However, did you know there's an extended cut with tons more footage reinstated that's been under your nose this entire time?

Come to think of it, I think that the extended cut of That Thing You Do! is the superior animal, though again I'll never knock the original cut as it's the one that brought me to the dance. My first exposure to the film was a $5 VHS from KMart that I treasured throughout high school and college, up until that second DVD came out. But once I'd seen the extended cut of Tom Hanks' original vision of pop stardom, I couldn't help but wonder where this film has been all these years.

You're probably still in the need of a little more selling, because why in the world would anyone extend a movie about 1960's pop from a little over an hour and a half into an almost two and a half hour epic? Actually, there's a couple really good reasons:

The Characters Are Better Developed

A huge portion of the cut footage from That Thing You Do! is a lot of deleted and extended moments with the film's characters, especially our lead protagonist, Guy Patterson (Tom Everett Scott). While the existing cut does a fine job of showing the friction Guy has with both his family and Tina (Charlize Theron), his girlfriend at the beginning of the film, the extended cut gives both plotlines more room to breathe. Not only do we see him getting hassled more by his family at the beginning of his career as a drummer, we also see Tina becoming more and more disinterested in Guy's life in general, and her growing relationship with her dentist. So instead of just giving Tina a quick heel turn, we see her gradually falling for the man who wants to do nothing but crown her #15 molar, which works better than a random betrayal.

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