On October 4, 1996, That Thing You Do opened to what would eventually pan out to be a third place showing at the end of its first weekend of release. The film, which marked the writing and directing debut of Tom Hanks, would gross $34.5 million by the end of its run, ranking in as the 60th place film of the entire year. And yet, despite all of this, it's become a classic in every sense of the word.

The trials and tribulations of Guy "Skitch" Patterson and The Wonders have been shown on cable, sold many home video copies, and catapulted the film into the cult classic status it deserves. But what of the stars of That Thing You Do? Where are they now, and what have they been up to? Well, it's been a good couple of decades, so now's a great time to see what everyone's been doing since they did that thing that they did.

Tom Everett Scott

Guy Patterson was our everyman, our focal point to the madness that was the 60's pop scene that reigns in That Thing You Do. With his trademark shades, his sick drum skills, and the wit and wisdom that helped the band last as long as it did, he truly was Spartacus. He is our biggest fan, and it's all thanks to the talents of Tom Everett Scott, a man who's been working quite regularly since career started on an episode of Law and Order back in 1993.

Of course, his huge breakout hit was That Thing You Do, which almost wasn't his big screen debut, thanks to his resemblance to Tom Hanks himself. Fortunately, co-star and Hanks' wife, Rita Wilson, convinced those in charge to take the leap, and Scott went on to drum his way into our hearts for years to come. After the music died down, Tom Everett Scott found himself in high visibility projects like Boiler Room, Van Wilder, and Parental Guidance.

Though in the years after That Thing You Do, Scott worked a lot in TV, most notably in roles on ER, Southland, and Sons Of Anarchy, as well as a return to Law and Order as New York Governor Donald Shalvoy. Recently, you may have seen Scott in his roles on MTV's Scream, The CW's Reign, and CBS' Elementary, but you'll be able to see Scott this December in La La Land, a film that was inspired by That Thing You Do. Talk about coming full circle.

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